Shopify Store Building Services

Starting your online store

We set up Shopify stores. We begin by helping you to understand and define your goals. What products you intend to sell, and whether you are selling solely online or both online and in-person. It is important to decide early whether you want to also sell your products through social media platforms. We will help you to determine the Shopify pricing plan that meets your needs based on what you are selling.

Setting up your online store

We will stock your shop with your products. This will require entering information about yourself and store, including business tax information for the store, how to list your products, and procuring a domain name to help customers find your store.

Organizing your online store

The store theme you select for your store determines how products will appear and appeal to customers. We will advise on the selection of the appropriate theme for your store based on the number of products you are selling. Next we will take on the ardious task of adding and organizing products in your store. We will organize your products into collections that will make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. We will set up the necessary tax and shipping information, and returns policy.

Testing your online store

Once the store set up is complete, we will conduct pre launch and test your checkout process. We will show you how to place test orders to see how the checkout process is working.

Opening your online store

Once everything is fine with the pre launch testing, you are ready to launch your store. We will add a chat widget to enable customers to easily contact and ask questions about their concerns.

Promoting your online store

After you launch your online store, we will register it on google search engine to improve your store's visibility. We will add the information used by search engines to promote your store

We build shopify shops that jumpstart your business