Content Writing for Small Businesses

Having great content helps a business to communicate, engage, and inspire its clients. That is why we create compelling content for emails, social media, blogs, and other marketing channels. We know how to write with a purpose to match your unique brand or solution while telling an interesting story that captures the attention of the right audience.

We will work closely across your organization especially with product/service and brand/product marketing teams to create compelling content that drives awareness, engagement, conversions, and affinity.

We create high-quality, original content across content types such as email, blog posts, eBooks, reels, podcasts, social, webinars, infographics, based on brand and product marketing themes, that educates buyers, advances our clients’ competitive position, and generates leads, and affinity.

What we do

  • Conceive, write, and deliver compelling content for marketing campaigns for a wide variety of client types and industries.
  • We research to understand audience, purpose, funnel stage, and calls to action in the writing process to strongly empathize with audience motivation and write effective copy.
  • Suggest topics and stories and assist in the management of client editorial calendars.
  • Brainstorm on compelling campaign themes including messaging, spanning segmentation, prospecting, and email.
  • Work with clients’ design teams to align visual creatives with the purpose and message of all content.
  • Conduct calls with clients to uncover goals and gain a deeper awareness of the audiences and their specific needs and motivations.
  • Suggest and produce long-form content assets that support client goals for nurturing and engagement strategies.
  • Improve deficient text using our imagination, knowledge, skills and our incredible abilities to research and investigate information.

What makes us unique

  • Insatiable curiosity: We do lots of research and stay up to date on best practices.
  • Storytellers: We understand that every piece of content — each blog, social post, whitepaper, video script, and newsletter—is just one short story inside a larger brand story. We look at the big picture and whittle it down into easily-digestible content.
  • Innate editors: We strive for impeccability and hence we take the time to review and critique our own work before submitting it to the client to make sure that each piece supports the customer’s strategy and is optimized for site traffic.
  • Conversion-focused: We understand the art of persuasion and we know that content isn’t a hard sell, but an invitation to think, feel, and act, so our content is specific and tailored to clients’ needs.
  • Open to constructive feedback: We are open to self-improvement, and we take on feedback from our customers.
  • Versatile: We pick up on a brand’s uniqueness and take on their voice, style, and tone.
  • Strategic: We understand branding and strategy. We collaborate with our clients to develop content that people genuinely want to read.
  • Deadline-driven: We are proactive. We set expectations for when things can be done, to meet customers’ needs in time.

We write contents for your blog, brochures, marketing materials etc