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Nedveds Quality Solutions provides and manages health education programs that help organizations and communities maximize and maintain healthy lifestyles. We usse data to identify clients' and community needs to plann, implement, monitor, and evaluate programs designed to encourage healthy lifestyles, policies, and environments.

Our services include developing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with agencies and organizations interested in public health care, and coordinating with them to come up with workable solutions that improve the health of individuals, families, institutions, and communities at large.

We do this through the development and presentation of health education and promotion programs, such as training workshops, conferences, and school or community presentations.

Our goal is to effectively link health systems, health providers, insurers, and patients to address individual and population health needs.

Nursing Home Administrator Licensing Practice Exams

We are a full-service consulting firm that specializes in healthcare quality, offering proven subject matter expertise to healthcare facilities and non-healthcare organizations in the U.S. We also provide consulting services for small businesses in areas of business plan, digital marketing, and content writing.

We provide healthcare administration educational and training services, including practice materials for the nursing home administrator exams, and NCLEX study notes for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) exams.

Our customized health quality education help clients meet licensing, accreditation, and regulatory requirements and Medical/Medicaid conditions for participation.

The Nursing home administrator licensing practice exams has been thoroughly prepared by a licensed nursing home administrator, who holds a doctorate degree, as well as a master's in health administration. He combined both his professional and teaching experiences to prepare these nursing home administrator licensing practice exams to help you easily pass the National and State Exams.

The national practice exams cover all the CORE and LOS domain topics, and provide explanations on difficult questions and scenarios to help you to understand how the questions on the NAB are phrased.

The questions are designed not only to help you pass the nursing home administrator license exams, but to also prepare you with the fundamental understanding of the requirements of nursing home administration.

The practice exams are designed to be self intuitive and easy to understand, with explanations for difficult question in the answer sheet. However, if you need help and explanation we are always available to speak with you one on one. We advise that you send us an email regarding what help you on what paticular topic, with a number and best time to reach you.

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